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Our winter months can be particularly harsh. Having a dependable and efficient heating system is a vital part of maintaining a safe and livable environment in our homes and businesses. A sudden breakdown of a heater can quickly transform a cozy space into an uncomfortably cold one, making prompt and professional heating repair services critical.

The pros in our Lincoln Park offices understand the urgency of these situations. That's why we are available around the clock, offering 24/7 support, so that you're never left in the cold. Whether you need emergency repairs or are looking to schedule a weekend appointment, our team is ready to provide reliable and timely service to keep your life and workspaces warm and comfortable.

Call Winslow Heating and Cooling today. We’re available at (313) 513-7004.

The Signs Your Heating Needs Repair

The sooner one of our technicians can come out and look at your system, the more likely it is we can mitigate more extensive damage. 

Be alert to these warning signs: 

  • Unusual noises: Hearing banging, whistling, or grinding sounds from your heating system is not normal and usually indicates loose or broken parts within the unit. These noises can escalate if not addressed promptly, leading to more significant damage. 
  • Inconsistent heating: If you notice that some rooms in your home or office are much warmer than others, it could be a sign of blocked vents, a malfunctioning thermostat, or issues with the heating system itself. 
  • A surge in energy costs: An increase in energy bills that can’t be explained by anything else often points to an inefficient heating system. This inefficiency can stem from clogged filters, wear and tear of components, or outdated technology.
  • Frequent cycling: When the heater turns on and off more frequently, there may be a problem with the thermostat or the internal components. This not only disrupts comfort levels, but can also lead to higher energy consumption and increased wear on the system. 
  • Poor air quality: An increase in dust or a noticeable drop in breathable air might indicate that your heating system's filters are clogged or that it's failing to properly circulate and filter the air. This can aggravate allergies and respiratory issues among occupants. 
  • Thermostat issues: When your heating doesn't respond correctly to the thermostat, it's a clear indication of a communication problem between the components. This could be due to faulty wiring, a malfunctioning thermostat, or issues within the system. 
  • Visible wear and tear: Rust, cracks, or water leaks should not be ignored. These can lead to inefficient operation and potential safety hazards. 

The Benefits of Calling Our Heating Repair Professionals

We know many people who are really handy when it comes to solving problems on their residential or commercial property. Many of them are also our clients. That’s because some issues are best left to a certified and insured professional. 

The heating repair technicians in our Lincoln Park office are NATE (North American Technical Excellence)-certified. We prioritize hiring the most qualified people, and we’ve been serving the community since 1987. That experience allows us to efficiently identify and resolve issues. Moreover, we’re familiar with safety protocols for all heating systems. We can take the appropriate steps to protect against gas leaks or electrical hazards. 

In an era where an easy DIY solution seems like it’s just a YouTube video away, the temptation to go that route is strong, and we understand why. However, those videos may not tell you that any problems that come from DIY work might not be covered by your warranty or your homeowners’ insurance. By contrast, all of our work is backed by a warranty. 

In addition to these practical concerns, there’s also the value of your time. Homeowners have family, friends, and hobbies they want to spend time with. Business owners have a product or service to provide. Time spent on DIY work takes away from that.

Let us take the burden off your shoulders. Call Winslow Heating and Cooling today at (313) 513-7004 or use our online contact form to request a free estimate.

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