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Lincoln Park Ductless Mini-Splits

Installation, Repair, and Ongoing Maintenance

Ductless mini-split systems provide a flexible alternative to traditional HVAC systems. They eliminate the need for extensive ductwork and allow for more precise temperature control in individual rooms or zones within your home or commercial property.

Winslow Heating and Cooling has over 35 years of experience under our belts. The ductless mini-split technicians in our Lincoln Park office have the knowledge and tools necessary to help keep your home or office comfortable.

We pride ourselves on availability—no matter what time you call, day or night, our phone gets answered. We offer same-day scheduling and emergency service. If you need someone to come out on the weekends, we do that too. It’s our job to be there for you. We take that job seriously. 

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How a Ductless Mini-Split System Works

A ductless mini-split comprises two main components-an outdoor unit, which houses the compressor and condenser, and one or more indoor units, which are mounted on the walls of the rooms or areas to be conditioned. These indoor and outdoor units are connected by a conduit.

Unlike traditional HVAC systems that rely on ducts to distribute air, ductless mini-splits deliver air directly into the designated zones of your property. 

The Benefits of Installing a Ductless Mini-Split System

  • Energy efficiency: By avoiding the energy losses that are typical in ducted systems, ductless mini-splits operate with higher efficiency, hopefully reducing your monthly energy bills.
  • Customized comfort: Each indoor unit can be controlled independently, allowing for personalized temperature settings in different zones or rooms.
  • Quiet operation: Ductless mini-splits are known for their quiet performance, delivering a peaceful indoor environment that is free of the noise associated with traditional HVAC systems.
  • Easy installation: The compact size and flexibility of ductless mini-splits allow for installation in various locations on your property.
  • Improved air quality: With advanced filtration features, ductless mini-splits help reduce dust, bacteria, pollen, and other allergens, leading to healthier air for all who live or work on the property. 
  • Aesthetic design: Modern ductless units come in sleek, compact designs that can blend seamlessly with your home’s interior and can be considerably more attractive than bulky window units or visible ductwork.

The Signs Your Ductless Mini-Split System Needs Repair

Even the most reliable ductless mini-split systems can encounter issues that need professional attention. Acting swiftly when you notice these signs can prevent more severe damage and potentially save you money. 

Be on the lookout for these red flags: 

  • Decreased cooling or heating efficiency: If your system no longer maintains the desired temperature, it could be a sign of an underlying issue.
  • Unusual noises: Grinding, buzzing, or whistling noises coming from the indoor or outdoor units are not normal and should be inspected by one of our professionals.
  • Ice buildup on the outdoor unit: While some frost is normal in colder weather, excessive ice buildup could indicate a problem with the system's defrost cycle.
  • Water leaks: Ductless units should not leak water inside your home. This could be a sign of a blocked condensate line or other issues.
  • Error codes: Many ductless systems have built-in diagnostics. If you see flashing lights or error codes on the indoor unit, give us a call. 
  • Foul odors: Musty or burning smells emanating from your unit could indicate mold growth or electrical problems. The former is a risk to air quality and your property, while the latter is a serious fire hazard. 

Going Above and Beyond for Your Comfort

Winslow Heating and Cooling knows that ductless mini-spits are a means to an end-that being your comfort, satisfaction, and peace of mind. A locally-owned and family-owned business that’s been here since 1987, we take pride in our place in the community, and we see outstanding service as simply being a good neighbor. We’re not here to sell you services you don’t need. The team in our Lincoln Park office is here to help solve your problems and ductless mini-splits can be a valuable tool in doing that. 

Whether you're looking to install a new system, maintain an existing one, or need urgent repairs, we can provide dependable guidance. We offer financing and payment plans, so you can get needed work done while staying within your monthly budget. 

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