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Problems with your boiler aren’t something to take lightly. Property owners need service promptly and they need to know the work being done is reliable. When you call Winslow Heating and Cooling, we answer the phone 24/7 and make emergency service available. 

Furthermore, with a track record that goes all the way back to 1987, a lot of good customer reviews, and a strong reputation in the community for our work with boilers in particular, you can be confident that you’re getting a high level of craftsmanship. 

Call the boiler repair team in our Lincoln Park office at (313) 513-7004 today for help with your home or business property.

The Warning Signs Your Boiler Needs Repair

There’s a basic principle that’s as true with boilers and heating systems generally as it is with our cars, and our physical health-early detection makes a big difference. Issues that are spotted in their embryonic stage can be more easily managed, and usually at less expense. Property owners are well-served by being alert to the warning signs their boiler needs professional attention. 

Here are key red flags to watch out for:

  • Unusual noises: Boilers should operate relatively quietly. Banging, whistling, or gurgling noises can indicate air in the system, low water pressure, or imminent part failure.
  • Water leaks: Any sign of water around your boiler is a clear indicator of a problem. Leaks can lead to property damage and could also be a sign of internal issues within the boiler.
  • Inconsistent heating: If your radiators are not heating up as they should or if there are cold spots in within your home or office space, it might be a sign that your boiler is failing to distribute heat adequately.
  • Frequent resets: Finding yourself constantly resetting your boiler to keep it running is not normal. This may signal an underlying issue that needs addressing.
  • Increased energy bills: An unexpected rise in energy bills without a corresponding increase in usage often suggests that your boiler is losing efficiency and may need repairs or adjustments.
  • A yellow or orange flame: The flame in your boiler should be a strong, clear blue. If it's yellow or orange, this could be a sign of incomplete combustion, a serious issue that needs immediate attention.

Boiler Maintenance Tips

A well-maintained boiler runs more efficiently, uses less fuel, and is less likely to break down during peak heating seasons. By performing regular checks and servicing, you may be able to catch and address minor issues before they escalate into costly repairs or replacements. 

Here are some practical maintenance ideas to help keep your boiler in optimal condition: 

  • Check the pressure: Regularly check the boiler pressure to make sure it is within the recommended range. Low pressure can affect your boiler's efficiency and heat distribution.
  • Bleed the radiators: If your radiators have cold spots at the top while the bottom is warm, air may be trapped inside. Bleeding your radiators can improve efficiency and heat output.
  • Clear the area: Keep the area around your boiler clear of any clutter or obstructions. This allows for proper ventilation and reduces the risk of fire.
  • Inspect for leaks: Regularly inspect your boiler for leaks, including the surrounding pipes and the boiler itself. 
  • Monitor the flame: As noted above, if your flame isn’t blue, call us right away. 
  • Test the safety devices: Regularly testing safety devices, such as the thermostat, pressure relief valve, and carbon monoxide detectors, helps make sure they are in working order and can give you an early warning of potential issues.

It’s also beneficial to have the professional boiler repair technicians from our Lincoln Park office provide periodic inspections. This can help identify wear and tear before it leads to bigger problems. Regular maintenance not only contributes to the safe operation of your boiler, but may be able to significantly extend its lifespan, helping you get the most out of your investment.

Experience You Can Trust

Our technicians are NATE (North American Technical Excellence)-certified, and we go through factory training with Goodman. The quality of our team has been verified by objective third parties, something we hope gives our customers increased peace of mind when they reach out to our office.

Call (313) 513-7004 or use our online contact form to schedule an appointment and request a free estimate.

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